* Three Days Left

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There are only 3 days left to polish that tee and get it in!

Yes, you know who you are -- all 3,700 of you that have
the kit on your desktop, collecting dust. You've proven
that designers are procrastinators. Well, time's up!

We're excited to see what gems squeak in under the
deadline Friday night to challenge the current favorites
among the 300 entries so far.


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Yes, I'm talking to you long-time regulars who
have your ideas sketched on a post-it somewhere.
Your best intentions are due! Yeah, you! Stuart,
Stephen, John, Christian, David (both of you), Greg, Ole.

If nothing else, just slap your critique submissions
on a tee and send it in.

(Ahem. Hoping a little public chiding will help. =)

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