(x) information about Robert Kirchner & FF isonorm {Yves}

I have to write something about Isonorm font face and about its designer Robert Kirchner and I cannot find anything about this man on the web. Anybody knows about some online resourse?

Thanks ……Mtj


Your best bet would be to contact FontShop International as FF Isonorm is a type family from their FontFont collection. I checked the “designers” section on their website, but the information on Kirchner is unusually sparse: “Robert Kirchner, an Austrian FontFont designer.” I know he passed away a couple of years ago due to illness.

Whoops, almost forgot. You should contact FSI in Berlin, not the American address, or call them at +49 (30) 693 70 22.

Thanks for a tip Yves,
I got some info from them, but it seems that there are not any biographies available.
Just if you are interested, this was an answer.

“Robert Kirchner died in 1994, so all the information we have is that he was an Austrian graphic designer who made FF Isonorm. He had made the font in 1989 for a client in Austria and offered it later for distribution by FontShop International.”