FontShop Keyword Update #23 - ATypI/Prague trip announcement

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FontShop Keyword Update #23 - ATypI/Prague trip announcement

Hello Fellow Keyworders.

Today we are announcing the winner of the Prague trip!


She is the proud winner of a fabulous trip to Prague for the ATypI Conference. She's never been to this conference so this will be a treat.

We will also ship a "Stop Stealing Sheep" book to each keyworder who committed to the 250 minimum. If you didn't finish the minimum, it was not your fault...we ran out of fonts and you'll still get the book.

Please make sure to send an email to me ( with a shipping address where you can receive a package delivered via UPS.

Please contact for any remaining kw rewards you would like to cash in on. Give him some time to respond, he may get slammed with emails. If I've forgotten anything, you'll hear from me again next week. Otherwise, we're wrapping up the project and calling it a day!

kind regards from SF,

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