Wanted: Typeface Designer

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Location New York, NY
Date 30 November 2004

Hoefler & Frere-Jones has a rare opening for a full-time typeface designer.

This designer will contribute to a design program that specializes in the invention of original typefaces, and develops designs for some of the world's leading publications, corporations, and institutions.

Duties will include font prototype development, adaptation and extension of existing designs, and all aspects of technical production from drawing to kerning to final manufacture. Applicants should be intimately familiar with typography and its history, and have direct experience drawing letterforms digitally, preferably in a type development program such as FontLab or Fontographer. Applicants will be expected to exhibit strong analytical skills, good problem-solving abilities and a predilection for technological solutions, and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

A strong candidate will have professional experience working with font development software to create typefaces in industry-standard formats (PostScript, TrueType, OpenType), and/or familiarity with the Python programming language. However, this position is open to applicants of all levels, from recent college graduates to experienced type designers.

The position is full-time in our offices in New York City. No exceptions!

Required Experience:

- Proficiency with the Macintosh operating system (OS9/OSX)
- Fluency with PostScript drawing tools
- Working knowledge of type history
- Maniacal obsession with letterforms

Preferred Experience:

- Proficiency with FontLab, RoboFog, or Fontographer
- Professional experience in type design or graphic design
- Object-oriented programming experience, ideally Python
- Familiarity with Windows operating systems (XP/NT)
- BS/BA or equivalent

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