Wooden Typeface


Maybe someone could help me identify this wooden typeface. I wonder if there is a digital version of it.

Thank you,



I don’t have a specific ID for that, but, according to the Rob Roy Kelly book (American Wood Types), that general style was known as Concave Tuscan. Also, a lot of wood types didn’t actually have names, only numbers.

Nick Curtis has a selection of wooden types at http://www.nicksfonts.com/, but none are very close to your sample. I also looked through the Solotype Catalog, to at least find a name, but this typeface only resembles a few types that were all upper case and more elongated. The other problem is that not much of the Solotype collection was digitized. The rights to the collection now belongs to Castcraft, so they claim.

Thanks for the information. Is it in your opinion a typeface that belongs to the Solotype collection? Is there maybe a website of Castcraft?

Donald, Unfortunately I didn’t see an exact match for this in the Solotype book. Castcraft site starts at http://www.castcraft-software.com/. It may take some hunting to find the information that they acquired the rights to Solotype. I have heard that inquiries to them may never be answered, so I can’t give you a very positive feeling about dealing with them. Frankly, I think you would be best off just searching for Wood types, Tuscan types or Western types and seeing what is available. The closest resemblance to this I know is a font from the old FontBank colelction called Old West. It is an open face style, but I think it could be called concave tuscan too. You can see and buy it here.

You might check Woodentype Fonts too, if the site ever comes back
online. I visited it just last week; hopefully it will return. The fellow had
several Tuscans, although I don’t recall if any matched your sample

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