Handy Shareware Font Utility for OS X users

Jared Benson's picture

A new app was released today that looks like it will prove quite useful - Font Pilot 1.1.8 by Josh Hague of Koingo Software.

This shareware utility ($11.95 after 30 days) allows you to browse fonts that are not activated on your system, giving you an easy, low-committal way to locate, browse and test fonts on a font CD or font server before activating them in your Font Manager software of choice.


Useful features include the ability to activate a whole folder of fonts, customizable text settings in font (ideal for Font ID!), view a complete character set of the font you are browsing, and the ability to print your text setting in the browsed font.

Negative aspects: It didn't recognize nested folders, and the character set window (current a list view) could be better designed to show more letters at a time (ie. grid view)

Overall, a promising app!


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