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As we all know by now, TypeCon2006 is right around the corner. I'm busy helping with last minute preparation and found myself in need of a script to put cropmarks around oodles of images. I'm too lazy to draw them, didn't really have time to do it, so I started to look. But, then I remembered that Miguel (Sousa) had pointed us toward some very handy scripts on another thread here at Typophile. I probably saved myself about 4 hours in using this script. :^) All I had to do was drag the folder of images from the desktop directly into InDesign (all import at 100% with the frames fitting the content), move the pictures around on the page to maximize the print area, select all the images on the spread, double-click on the script, select how I want them, click apply. Magic!!!


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Indeed I pointed to some scripts, but not the ones you refer to :^P

Please allow me to link to the original threads:
1. python vector graphic library supporting opentype formats
2. Unlinking text threads in InDesign CS2

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Thank you for the links, Miguel. Now I'll never have to look further than my blog. :^P

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