Does Columbus have small caps/osf?

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I've been staring at this beauty for a while:

Is it just me or does this face not have small caps/osf? That would be a disappointment, considering its lovely form.

Further, aside from the name, I don't see anything uniquely Spanish about it.

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It does have small caps/osf in the Expert set.

I agree it's a nice font - I just used it for a cookbook.

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By another Patricia, no less. Definitely more appealing than her other work (Ari*l).

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Funny! And that's all she's done, huh.

She's from the UK - no Columbus connection I can think of.

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As a Monotype designer I believe she's done much more assistance work on fonts she's not credited for.

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From the specimen that was issued when Columbus was released, I learn that Patricia Saunders joined the Monotype Type Drawing office in 1951, and that she worked on "adapting Spectrum for Monotype composition and also on producing...Castellar....She has also been involved in making several adaptations...such as Bell, Centaur, Felix Titling, Waubaum and Van Dijck for digital typesetting."

Columbus was issued in 1992, the quincentenary of, well, of 1492. The specimen tells me it was based on a type used by Jorge Coci, active in Saragossa in the early 1500's.

It's a shame the recent Ascender OpenType release of the face didn't include any of the goodies: no smallcaps, no OsFs, no ornaments or borders.

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