(x) Nike New Spring '06 Apparel ad - Victory {Dav}

Anyone know what typeface this is? I figured it was DIN Schrift, 30640 Neuzeit Grotesk Light but it is slightly different. Any help appreciated, thanks!


Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson, with some alternates.

Thanks for the help but thats far from Proxima Nova. Notice the "l", "t", and the numbers. Looks nothing like PN...

It's indeed very close to DIN Neuzeit Grotesk Light, but not quite. Couldn't find anything yet. :^/

Nike is known to often use custom designed typefaces. Maybe this one is custom as well?

Argh, of course!

This has been a bit of a pointless exercise, innit, designing that custom typeface? What a waste of time and money.

waste of time

I don’t think it took that long to modify that DIN.

Great find guys. Yep too bad its custom :) So close...