Corporate initiated typeface designs

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Hi all,

I'm to give a talk on corporate typefaces this Fall (2006), particularly on fonts designed exclusively for a company's branding. I will also cover fonts designed to answer special technical needs (signage, screen, ...).

My list so far:
_ Jean-François Porchez (Mencken, Deréon, Parisine, Costa, ...)
_ Erik Spiekermann (FF, Meta, FF Info, DBahn, Nokia, ...)
_ Matthew Carter (Bell Centennial, Verdana, Georgia, ...)
_ the Clearview project
_ Nick Shinn (Richler)
_ Underware (Ulrika)
_ H&FJ (Mercury, Verlag, ...)

Any other milestones I should consider? Do you have sources of informations (www, books, magazines, ...) that would ease my research?

Thanks for any suggestions and your help!!!!!!!

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The article as text would be super.

And what about that wonderful font... compendium ;-) as a PDF?
Pretty please with diacritics on it?


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>And anything covering the designs of the Nokia and Glasgow faces

Nokia Sans

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Talking of Nokia...

...wonder what font the new wibree (great name!) logo is based on? Not one of Erik's me thinks. I suppose Nokie thought competing technologies were getting a little bit blue in the tooth.

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A year after the last post, I'd like to add the designs of Christophe Badani, who designed numerous corporate types, including Lacoste Sans ( And let's not forget Ikea Sans (aka Futura) and Ikea Serif (aka Century Schoolbook). And let's not forget Cplus, the corporate type of Canal + cable channel (aka Futura).


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Yes, this is what i meant. but i was tired. sorry :-)


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6 years later, but only few people know Zürich-based NORM's corporate typefaces.
Along with Aurèle Sack, they have designed the beautiful Omega's and Swatch's
corporate typefaces. Two reinterpretation of pre-existing futura inspired fonts,
yet the outputs are different.

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