Day 43 : 26 August 2002 (22 entries)

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43.016 was also submitted with a 78% black screen on the artwork



43.017 was also submitted with a 78% black screen on the artwork









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I really, really like the unnumbered one in black with the hand-lines.

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43.014 is really nice.


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> I really, really like the unnumbered one in black with the hand-lines.

But the font reference (being the only one) is uncool.


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Oh, and 43.015 is killer too.
We all know who did that one, right? :-)


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I do! I do!

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I like 43.015 too, the black shirt version.

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I nearly missed the wonder of the first tee's illustration. Wow.

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I like the message in 43.005, though I feel the bar falls a little low on the chest and the back could probably just read "typophile". The "fonts are made by humans" line could be another shirt in the series.

After some scrutiny, I was disappointed that the Element chart in 43.008 didn't organize the fonts properly. Unless there's some logic there that I'm missing?

I enjoy the simplicity of 43.019 although I can't quite put my finger on it.

43.021 seems too phallic for me, personally.

Why is it that Americans tend to submit shirts with imagery across the chest, and typophiles from abroad consistently submit tees with printing along the bottom, sides, arms, etc?

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43.016 black is well done. Does everyone get the message behine 43.007?

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The hand one is great. reminds me of something...its on the tip of my tongue.damn

"fonts are made by humans" is the best line I've heard in a long time.

periodic table is great, but I havn't touched those fonts a while. see for me those short forms would equal:
Bg: Berliner Grotesk
M: Meta
A: Aristocrat
Ac: Adobe Caslon
Ch: Charlotte and so on

problem is there's too many fonts and everyone has their own sets of favs. Perhaps if that concept was mixed up with the sign your own shirt concept and we could fill in our own fav sets...that could be cool, then when we see another typophile we could compare tables. ok, I'm dreaming ya ya.

43.013, BDSM is what I read first...then I realized it was lego people, BDSM for kids? whoa. only then I realized...boy, sister, Dad and Mother. perhaps rearrange?

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> I like the message in 43.005

I like the message (and the font), but isn't it too much like advertising?

> Why is it that Americans tend to submit shirts with ....

Differences in the appreciation of subtlety. The question is (or has been recently clarified as being), who is the buyer? You can't serve brussel sprouts to a cowboy, and no eurocrat is going to properly inhale a sloppy joe.

> You're both wrong.

Hmmm. Well, I'll assume you've read my mind (since anybody who tries to read *Stephen's* mind would surely become Renfield), and promptly start wondering.

> Does everyone get the message behine 43.007?

I do, but maybe only because I've had a dog most of my life. Speaking of messages, the gash on the front of 43.002, is it the "el" from the font in the back?

> we could fill in our own fav sets

Now that's an incredible idea.

> only then I realized

What about the little "i"? It must be "italics", no? I thought the letters were styles/weights, but...


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BTW, am I the only one smelling a lot of Northern California on this page?


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maybe over in europe they have advanced silkscreening or stiching techniques that can extend beyond maximum area and rotate t-shirts of various sizes into placement via seem distances and still be cheap? maybe overseas t-shirts aren't viewed as a staple cheap apparel?

perhaps the standard overseas has been to print the material and then sew the shirt?

I guess here in Canada at least the major t-shirt producers are sports and trophy shops and they only want a big fat number covering 10x10" and we come to see the cheapest printing technique following that standard

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Tanya brings up a good point in terms of feasability. 43.001 is astonishing, sure -- in fact, easily my favorite so far -- but will cost something like three times as much to produce as _ten_ colors printed on a blank tee shirt. A t-shirt with a bleed is called a "cut & sew" and is printed on separate material and then assembled. Tricky, careful, expensive. Normal tee shirt printing takes into account the cheapness, multiple sizes, and random variation of t-shirt blanks, so involves something of a "margin."

Which isn't to say these designs with bleeds shouldn't be considered, but that their production expense should be taken into account, and that we should expect Jared and Joe to pass that expense on to we, the potential buyers.

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I would like to thank the folks who designed the forums for the preview method of posting; gave me a second chance to reconsider if I _really_ wanted to be so snippy about the periodic table.

Thanks for the tool, which spared us all that particular tirade.

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What do numbers signify in a periodic table of typefaces (43.008)? Translation for 43.007: "F*** an A"

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> Translation for 43.007: "F*** an A"

No, just "Hump an A".
So show the dog stuck in the curve of a "J", and it'll be: "Hump an A - Go to Jail."


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Hey Nate, I didn't get 43.008 before. It's random but in a good way. If it means what you say it does than that's crude

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43.020 . Is a typophile someone who can't spell?

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43.019 is the first shirt I've seen in the comp that I'd wear.

It's nice and simple. Plus, you can't beat a yellow and brown colour combination with a stick.

Something like that...

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The simplicity of 016 is very nice. I would like this one on a babydoll t-shirt for the g(u)rls.

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I have to agree about the periodic table /43.008/. It's a
great concept and the execution is fine. I'd just dispute
that some of those fonts shouldn't be there at all (Times
New Roman, Impact, Benguiat, Rotis -- ack, did I say
that out loud?) Perhaps these are limited to Bitstream

These last few days submissions are a striking contrast
to the first few days entries.

Oh, and go ahead and venture a guess about who did
43.016. You're both wrong. =)

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