Looking for a Victorian-style typeface with small curly embellishments

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I'm trying to find a typeface that's similar to this sample. The original is from the 1880s and I'm guessing hand-lettered. So I'm looking for a font that shares most of its characteristics, especially its width to height ratio (on the wider side), stroke thickness (relatively thin), and its very small curlique embellishments. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Your sample (particularly the R) made me think of Kismet, which dates from 1879, but its embellishments are perhaps more over-the-top than what you're after?

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, one thing I'm looking for is the relative smallness/sparseness of the embellishments...so that the letters almost look undecorated at first glance.

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Still over ornamented, perhaps you could edit them for small amounts of text.

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Hello Allison,

take a look at http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/solotype/bandstand/

although this typeface still may be too ornamented.


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Thanks for your comments. Maybe what I need is a more neutral typeface with alternates, something like Ela Demiserif and Ela Swashes. Any suggestions?

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No curlicues, but see what you think of the Victorian font Blue Point Normal. Perhaps a similar "feel"?

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How about these fonts from Dover:

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The second Dover font you listed - Giraldon - is great. Pretty subtle embellishments for the most part. Where can I find it?

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Giraldon is in the Dover Art Nouveau Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book, it has lowercase too.

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