Better Textured Fonts than Papyrus?

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Well I have never liked papyrus for some reason. But I see a lot of fonts with similar weathered edges, especially for day spas lol, and I am wondering what are some better fonts with this look?

Some other examples might be maybe Operina Romano, Allegheny, Old Claude, MVB Celestia Antiqua...

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Alternately use these hand filters to weather any font...

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I have used ITC Tempus in place of Papyrus a few times

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Not all of these are textured in the same way as Papyrus, but here are some rough serifs akin to the Old Claude and MVB Celestia Antiqua you mentioned:
Garamond Rough
MVB Gryphius
ITC Founders Caslon
Linotype Compendio
Grit Primer
FF Irregular
ITC Old Times
Marco Polo

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@paul: oh i really like MVB Greymantle thanks!
@sii: Do you reccomend one set of filters over the others so that i don't have to buy 3?
@guerella: ahh tempus is nice but it is a bit too light for me i think.
@stephen: Thanks some great fonts there. btw is there a name for these types of textured fonts? (just so i don't have to refer to papyrus lol)

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Weathered, antiqued, worn, rough, textured.

Here's FontShop's Photoshop tip for creating a weathered affect. Could modify it for your use.

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cool thanks stephen!

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