Christian Acker

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Christian Acker is a graphic and type designer based in New York City.
Born 1979, Norwalk, CT, USA.

Mr Acker is the founder of Adnauseum, Inc, a multi-disciplinary design studio found in the spring of 2002, and Handselecta, a graffiti based type foundry, created in May of 2003.

He is the designer of numerous display faces including 24 Hrs (2002, Cubanica), Sailor Gothic (2003, Cubanica), and numerous faces base upon the handstyles of contemporary graffiti artists released through his type foundry Handselecta. 2006 saw the release of Joker Straight Letter, Mene One Mexicali, Mesh One AOK, Meskyle Laid Back and Sabe Ghetto Gothic.