(x) New Orleans street signs - Interstate {Roy Wilhelm}

I live in New Orleans, and I've been wondering what typeface is used for the majority of our street signs. Anyone take a crack at it? I've attached a single photo.



Actually they are probably still in Highway Gothic which was created in 1949 for the Federal Highway Administration. Tobias Frere-Jones used Highway Gothic as inspiration for Interstate. Albeit his typeface is much more successful and legible than Highway Gothic. Highway Gothic is being phased out by Clearview, but you could not mistake one for the other because the l in Clearview has a distinct curved terminal.

Could it be Interstate Regular?

That's very, very close! Of the Interstate family, I'd say that Interstate Regular Compressed is the closest.

The type on the street signs actually differs from the font in some very small details. It makes me wonder whether the sign typeface predates the release of Interstate, and thus represents a slight ancestor. Close enough for me. Many thanks.

Ahem, just my 2 cents from Austria:

The typeface at the US-Streetsigns should be ClearviewHwy.