(x) careerbuilder.com narrow grotesque logo - Univers Cond {Yves}


I am trying to find out what font face careerbuilder.com uses for their logo.

I've attached an image of their logo.

If anyone knows, please help!



Univers Condensed, customised.

When you say customised, do you just mean adjustments to the font within an application like Illustrator? Adjustments pertaining to the leading, tracking, kerning, etc...?

The dot on a Univers 'i' is a square, whereas this one's a circle. Other than that it's the same.

What Stephen said. ;^)

Hey guys,

Thanks for the reply. I got the univers condensed font.

The top one is from illustrator.
The middle is the original
The bottome is photoshop

It may just be that the font is very pixelated, but it seems that their font is bolder, and skinnier at the same time, no?

The Illustrator file is straight up, and the photoshop file is using light condensed with a faux bold.

I aslo tried putting a stroke on the font in illustrator, almost there if not there?