Anyone know the history of this round typeface?

The date of this piece is 1856 and the round typeface stood out as being quite modern for the times. Just a curious typophile.


Hi Tommy

I think you'll find that one (and maybe others like it) in Nicolette Gray's Nineteenth Century Ornamented Type Faces, although you might have to hit up your local library for a copy.

Offhand I couldn't say which foundry was responsible; Caslon, Figgins, Thorne, Thorowgood, Stephenson Blake and others all showed 19th C display types that were ahead of their time.

If you're curious about it as a typo genre, there are excellent essays by Emily King (at typotheque) and Keith Tam (at typeculture) that go into a lot more detail about the 19th C.


Thanks for the leads!


Tommy you're welcome. I'm just a curious typophile too.