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Mrs Eaves & Erotics of Type...

As part of my dissertation hand-in, I want to include a picture of some Mrs Eaves Italic Ligatures. fi, gi and gy.

I don’t own the font so I’m asking if it’s possible for somebody to send me a high-res image of these to include in my document. I know maybe it’s not allowed, but it’s all non-profit educational purposes, and it would save me buying it for three ligatures.

While looking for an image to include, i came across this, The Erotics of Type which is quite interesting.. and this is very funny.

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Have you considered requesting this from Emigre directly?

If it is for educational purposes, I’m sure they would be willing to send you vector files of the glyphs you seek. (At least I *hope* they would)


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It’s not illegal for somebody -who owns the font- to provide you with not only bitmaps but even EPS outlines — which however doesn’t mean Emigre themselves will bend over backwards to provide such to you.

BTW, MvB also has some font porn stuff.