Introducing Candyland - my first font

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Hi guys!

The past week I've been working on my very first font made from scratch. What started off as 10 custom letters for an illustration I was working on quickly became a 3-piece fontset (so far) including all possible accents I could find & a complete DIY-construction dingbat. I'm still working on everything, but since I won't be having any time the next few days, I thought It'd be a good time to post it here for some professional comments & advice. Please be gentle though seeing as this is my first time & I don't have any typographic background. I'm just a simple admirer whose real roots lie in illustration.
I've tried to make a handwritten font with a monotype attitude. It's not a real monotype, but all characters are based on the same lines & I've made sure that the "baseline curves" are always vertically aligned so you won't get a messy "scale effect". Having put aesthetics before comfort, this adds a little to its legibility, but it's still not the kind of font you'd want to use for more than a paragraph. The dingbat follows the same thread as to be beeing semi-monotype & interacts perfectly with the typeface. I'm still working on some more plants, hills & critters to enable the user to create his very own "candyland" of sweet flavoured things.
A full character map might follow some day, but in the meantime requests & suggestions will be kindly appreciated ;-)
Hope you all like it!

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Looks great, only the n gets confused with an m.


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Some letters really might induce confusion -I know, especially the lowercase w followed by u might require a second look, but those are actually the letters I based on my own handwriting (m, n, v & w). I tried to use as little stems as possible to add to the fluent & elementary handwriting feel of the font.

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This type of thing has become popular, so sales prospects are probably
better than average. And the pi stuff is a very cute and useful touch.

Just one suggestion: do consider a slanted version.


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I like it! Cute, I would say.

But, I would definately take away (or at least think twice about it) one of the upgoing bowls (is it called that?) on both n and m - so that the n only has one upgoing, and the m two. It looks like the n is the m now, and the m is some non-existing letter consisting of two n's.
Like... “Camdylamd” ;-)

Very cute dingbats aswell.

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Actually, the m was the first letter I made ;-)
I've kind of grown fond of its handwritten look & although I hàve considered taking a bowl off of the m & n for legibility, I just didn't have the heart to change them.
I have also considered an italic version, but that would screw up the entire "baseline wave" & is probably way too advanced for me.
I might do a bolder outline version (with the current strokes in white centered in thicker black strokes to obtain 3 equally thick optical strokes).
I have no intentions of putting this up for sale, but it's nice to have options ;-)
Besides, I also included a simplified version of Tim Biskup's ( "helper" & San Rio's "hello kitty" (which -with a slight alteration in the second word- makes a fun combination with the turd in the 3rd row ;-p ) for personnal use. I'll try to contact them both to make sure they don't object to this (I'll leave out the turd part though).

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Have you also tried making the first upgoing stroke (which is not part of the letter really but more a movement of the "pen") a little bit closer to the following stroke than rest of the letter?

This will probably make it more legible, but still keep the concept.

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No, I hadn't even thought about that, but I wanted to make the letterjoints the same curve as the letters themselves so if you type a shorter letter on a different line at the same height, the curves will still be vertically aligned. If I'd make the joints shorter, I would either have to make a real monotype font òr settle for a scale-like effect.
Might be nice for a more legible alternative though (one in which I could make a regularly stemmed m & n as well ;-) ).
I haven't had much time to work on it the past few days (just a few extra dingbats), but I have been thinking about adding less decorative caps as well that I could also use in a segment (which doesn't look good & not at all legible now).
Don't know how far I really want to take this since I originally only wanted to make 10 custom letters, but there's still lots of things I can experiment with.

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I'm reading the 's' as an 'r'. Not sure if anyone else sees that, or if it's just me.

- Lex

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Certainly cute. A little hard to read but I can see a company like Sanrio using it for their logotype.

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I'm updating Candyland with a new font & a whole bunch of extra characters. Check out the preview!

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