Rimmerfest: A Celebration of the Life and Work of Jim Rimmer -- and a Call for Broadsides

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Each year, The Special Collections & Rare Books Department at Simon Fraser
University (SFU) convenes a special book-related event. This year we are pleased to celebrate our good friend and one of Canada’s living national treasures, the printer, typographer and publisher, Jim Rimmer.

Jim’s career stretches back over fifty years and he has made many friends along the way, both at home and abroad: printers, type designers, publishers, students, teachers, design firms, binders, type founders, librarians, book collectors. . . Since many of these people are printers, we are inviting their participation in this public event by producing a broadside celebrating . . . Jim. The broadside may be any size and could include an anecdote or tribute, for example, and should include a signed colophon. We would like to have three copies of each broadside: two will be given to Jim; the third will reside in SFU’s Special Collections Department, which holds Rimmer’s archives. We will need all broadsides in hand by October 31, 2006.

You may also send personal greetings and best wishes by email, card, fax -- any form you choose. In which case, please send three copies by October 31, 2006.

The broadsides and greetings will be gathered then presented to Jim during the evening of the Rimmerfest, which will take place on 25 November at Simon Fraser University, 515 West Hastings St., Vancouver at 7:30 p.m. Robert Bringhurst, among others, will speak at this celebratory event. All are welcome.

The broadsides and the greetings should be sent to

Eric L. Swanick, Special Collections Department
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6
email: eswanick@sfu.ca
tel: 604 291 4626
fax: 604 291 3023

I look forward to receiving these special items and seeing you on 25 November. By the way, Typophiles should check out the Rimmer Type Foundry at http://www.p22.com/rtf/index.html.

Thank you,

Eric Swanick

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It's not often you can meet one of Canada’s living national treasures, the printer, typographer and publisher, Jim Rimmer.
It sounds like a fun evening.


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