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Hi everybody

I will use this font only to set my buisness card etc. Thats why I just made the letters I need for my name and my address. I am a bit lazy at the moment :D
Capitals, numerals, &, @ and a few italic letters to set the URL will follow later

First I made some sketches and tried to experiment a bit. It was hard for me to find the right direction in which I wanted to go. After a while I had the idea to make something like a "light, low contrast, brush drawn, transitional"!??! Sounds a bit weird. Thats why I named this stuff after the greek goddess of strife Eris. After a few test I normalized the letters a bit to make them readable.

I dont know if the font works? I hope you like what I have done so far. Do you think it will work for small texts or how could I improve it!? Or is this a totally wrong direction that i took? Its the first time that I try to make a "textface".

Thank you for your help.

Working 001.pdf.

Bye: Steven

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...I don't know how it will look on the print as i haven't seen it on the printed paper...but the typeface is really nice. I liked it. Loved the stylish serifs.

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I like it a lot. It has a classical elegance with some nice subtle contemporary (transitional?) qualities.

Now for the critique bit...

I think the bent stems on the d, m, n, r and u add an inappropriate quirky element that i'm not liking too much.

Maybe lose the skews on both axis on the i dot, and there's a few flat spots that could do with some rounding off, like the tail of the a and g, and the top of the f.

I'm not sure about the end of the arm? (sorry, not up to scratch on my type anatomy) on the r. It seems a bit vague.

I'm certainly no expert on serif text fonts but maybe the bowls of the a, e and g need to be a little bigger for clarity at small print sizes.

But if you change everything i've mentioned it may lose all the qualities you were aiming for.

Anyway, i could see it becoming a very nice and useful font.

Now show us your x ;)

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The font looks great! Is this the first text face you designed? I am a beginner and would be interested in learning what steps / considerations you made. Did you start from scratch, did you select a couple of existing fonts you liked?



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Mr. Greenslade's right on the money. Your face reminded me of Baskerville and its mistress, Mrs. Eaves.

And good Heavens! It's actually usable in text size, too, provided that its kerning table is perfected some more.

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Thank you all for your comments so far.

Dear Mr. Greenslade :)

You are right about what you are saying. But I think I can't change the most things you mentioned. Otherwise the style that I actually wanted to get will get lost. Exactly like you said.
I tried to make a x but I failed :) I will show it later to you. Sunday I will go on vacancy for a week. After that I will work again on it :)

Dear Mr. Pitoyo :)
Kerning is a think that I have never done before. This is the part where I really need some help. Until now the kerning is just improved. But I first want to finish the letters before I do the kerning.
Sometimes the face reminds me on Baskerville too. Mainly in small sizes. I think thats because of the loop of the g. I think I will close the loop.

Thank you again and please keep commenting this thread. I will be back in a week :D

Bye: Steven

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By to by, I also agree with Mr. Greenslade about how your face has a lot of quirkiness. However, this can really turn to your advantage because you can make two versions of it. One for titling, one for text. The former will have tighter spacing, higher x-height, more delicate strokes and so on; and the latter will be 'regularized' for text -- maybe buff the strokes a little bit, too :)

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I don't know how to improve them for text and keep them looking good in display sizes!? I really like the extreme round part close before the shoulder and would like to keep it. It looks a bit italic and more brush drawn!? But i think this part have to make it softer to make the letters more readable. To make 2 versions would help. I could make a softer "shoulder" for textsizes and a rounder for display!? But I think that they will differ to much from each other then!? Or how should I do it!?

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