What is the "Monopoly" (original) typeface.

Okay, I know this is a completely obvious answer, but can someone tell me what the typeface is for the original Monopoly. Thanks.


Is Karabel the only font that is used? Even on the other parts on the specific cards?


sorry about that. here it is:

was thinking something along the Futura lines

The Y isn't right though.


Neither is the M or the A either. I've searched and searched and all I can come up with is that's it's probably a custom something.

Also resembles Bernhard Gothic but again, not the Y - or the M for that matter.

It's Kabel.

Heavy, I think


(would probably have caught it sooner if I could actually see the whole board)

Ooh, did another random search and ended up with Kabel. What do you all think? That Y looks pretty close.


Oops, thanks Pattyfab. Should read the posts before I become too proud of myself! Appreciate everyone's help!

Hey, it was a tie, look at the post times.

Oh god, the memories....I did an entire exhibit design based upon Monopoly and the history of the game relating to Atlantic City, last term. I'll be happy if I never play or see that game again for the rest of my life.