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Logotype review

I posted this in the Sans Serif forums a couple of days ago, but only had 3 responses so far (thanks Ill Sans and Coop). So I thought I might have better luck here, especially as this is a logotype.

Here is a logotype we are working on for an architect. This client does really nice work, very simple and sharp but with some bits of beautiful ornament. I have thought of it like the photos of the opening of Mies’ Barcelona Pavilinion: an iconically simple structure inhabited by a bunch of guys in top hats and women with fur collars. Hope that means something to some one out there.
My design idea therefore is to create a mix font - Helvetica Neue Ultra Light representing style and simplicity, American Typewriter representing a sort of ornament, VAG Rounded representing a smart but friendly attitude, and semi serifs (The Mix or Rotis Semi) representing technological ornament. Sounds like a lot, right?
The actual aprocess has been to modify Hel to create this mix, taking selective cues from each of the previous.
So, just looking for general comment and tips to refine this. I am confident in the design and really like it generally.
Please be aware that I love Helvetica, tight letterspacing, Swiss-style simplicty and all those other things that you might hate! Our client shares my general design disposition.
This is my first post, so thanks for taking it easy on me!

You may be interested to know that my colleague, user name Univers, has also posted an architect's logotype here recently. These projects are not related in any way.

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welcome. the 'i' & 't' trouble me, as do the punctuation marks. but I like where it's headed.

as I say to anyone though, can you also present it at a more 'realistic' size?


Paul Ducco
Identity Design, Melbourne

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I think you either need to shorten the tail of the a and make the t's wider, adjusting the a would allow you to close up the ar space and, tight spacing or not, the ec is too tight compared with the other characters. Amending the t could also take the form of moving the crossbar further to the right. The punctuation seems like it could be shorter and I don't really understand the need for a full stop at the end of the logo.