Lean Summit

The Sigma part I've got, Summit and Lean I can't ID to save my life however...:-(
Any pointers will be much appreciated and earn you much good karma....:-)


For the Six Summit try a version of Eras.. Eras ContourITC-Normal is pretty darn close.. maybe there is a thin or med. version of it.

I can't identify them either, but try bvfonts.com, fontdiner.com, chank.com or nicksfonts.com. They all specialize in retro fonts and they might have something very close. Also girlswhowearglasses.com carries all the old dinc fonts.

Summit is Magneto designed by Leslie Cabarga available from Font Bureau, Inc.

Lean is Pristina from Fontek.

Miss Tiffany, you rock!
Thank you!!!

You're welcome. :^)