typewriter font ID

I found an old typewritten cookbook and I'm wondering if this font exists digitally. Any suggestions?


I would rescan this page at a larger size to show more detail. It's tough to see at this size...

One thing in particular that seems different about this sans typeface is that there is no serif on the 'i'. I could find only one monospaced font at MyFonts with this characteristic. It was Impersonal, by Andrew Leman. It is not identical, as you can note from the 'y' and the '4', but it is quite close. I also looked at typewriter font sites and couldn't find any other sans without a serifed 'i'.

- Mike Yanega

That appears to be Artisan 12 Pitch (from a IBM typewriter) see here: http://computermuseum.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/dev/ibm_735/k_artisan_...

The closest digital version I can think of is SuperStudio designed by Jon Hares for Lineto based on Dual Gothic also used on IBM typewriters.