Arabic style lettershapes: critique please...

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Arabic style lettershapes: critique please...

Hello everyone,

Since I really like Arabic calligraphy and its organic use of strict geometrical forms, I tried do something like that with Latin lettershapes. First I didn't really know how to start; but then I decided to begin with building an alternative, geometrical grid.

I decided to take the undercast 'g' from the Silom typeface, took only the outlines of it, mirrored it both vertically and horizontally, rotated it 180 degrees and combined the 4 shapes together, which resulted into one rectangular shape.

This was going to be my basic form from which the eventual grid is build of.

My next step was to create lettershapes by filling some of the spaces in the grid. I only used the middle part of the grid; the lettershapes should be smooth, elegant and calligraphy-like, yet playful.

I attached a PDF-file with some results. I hope it makes visible the way I worked things out.

Please, feel welcome to give any comment you like.