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Feedback for Education Session TypeCon 2006

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Joined: 26 Aug 2006 - 6:06pm
Feedback for Education Session TypeCon 2006

In Boston I collared Norbert Florendo about a couple of points that I thought might be useful for the education session next year. I may be a bit ahead of myself, but, I want to share with everyone my thoughts before the academic year begins and I forget my immediate impressions. TypeCon 2006 was my first experience with the group and I had a blast. I have practiced graphic design for over thirty years and typography has been the impetus. In addition to private practice I now teach graphic design and typography. Standing in the classroom sharing years of experience I wonder if by teaching I gain more than I give. When I teach I learn and there is always something to learn.

I would like to propose a theme for the next education session:

Collaboration and teamwork. It works.

By nature I am a loner. But recently I discovered that I become totally engaged while working on a project with colleagues. The euphoria derived from the successful conclusion of a goal is as good, if not better, than what is sought after in drugs, sex & rock. The quality I bring to each table is the individualism and creativity only I possess. But this means nothing if not utilized collectively. I have this weird abhorrence for worms and I wonder if maybe my soul fears that the only audience I will have for my creative genius is the creatures surrounding me while I decompose.

During the education session of TypeCon 2006 I heard several times about how much the profession has evolved into us being chief, cook and bottle washer. Extrapolate this notion throughout the centuries and I note that successful typographers have always been thus. Collaborate with your elders, your juniors, your IT personnel and the mailman; learn to draw, write and converse. Have a fruit-smoothie with the twelve-year old learning Java script in summer camp. The more we work as a team the better off we will be.

Hope to see you'all next year for TypeCon 2007, let me know if I can be part of the education session. I was impressed with what I saw at the 2006 conference and value the opportunity to build on this.