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here's a font i worked over a few months ago. It has three wieghts: Regular(9px), Bold(9pxBold) & Large(12px).
i stoped working on the font because it seemed very ugly and tastless all of a sudden. most of all, it looks very boring. looks like a font somebody has allready made.

please be frank with me and tell me what you really think.

/image{camilla v1}

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that didnt work..

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I don't think it's that common looking.


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The lowercase 9n and 9b are much better than the
caps. There's something fresh in the squarishness of
the larger version too.

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I like the 9n caps. The tight inter-letter
spacing reminds me a little of Crouwel's design
for the 'vormgevers' poster. There are details
to be worked out of course. The 12px version
is very nice, though the 'r' could be narrower.

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O O O! that's it! need your font, s'il vous plait.

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k, just had conversation with boss, he suggests that the ascenders, decenders are a bit long. - you'd need a lot of leading on this font. things crashing into each other in your text body copy there.

there's no dot on the i, j....we think that's fun.

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