"radio" connected neon-like script

anyone know this one?


It resembles Font Bureau 'Streamline' but the letter shapes and strokes are not the same. My thought was a vertically stretched and slanted Font Diner 'Air Conditioner'

- Mike Yanega

This typeface is Dymaxion Script, designed by Nick Curtis, available for free download at


The slanted version for Fontdiner's Air Conditioner is Rocket Script, but it's still not exactly what you're looking for


Hmm, Dan that's a puzzler. I've just been to check if there is a lighter version of Magneto Extended but no, Leslie hasn't made one yet so that's not it. Maybe a customised piece. Kaufmann and Gillies Gothic also come to mind.

Belair is similar, though not an exact match.

Reminds me of a IBM-Composer typeface (remember those golfballs?)…

Try our Permanent Waves font - http://www.fontdiner.com/menu_doggie.html


Stuart, are you saying your font was the one used for the 'radio' sample? There's no 'test drive' to prove it, but it sure seems to be a match.

- Mike Yanega

Not Dymaxion Script or Rocket Script (close) or Roadsterism or Raceway.

Well Dan, even if we don't manage to identify this one, you sure have a number of valid alternatives to choose from. :^)