Blackletter No. 36

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This is a very mild blackletter. The 'k' still needs some work. Any comments are appreciated.


application/pdfBlackletter No. 36
test.pdf (19.2 k)

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Wow, pretty nice. Solid work.
'k' is fine for me. OTOH, I think 'j' needs some
work, specially on its tail. And maybe the dot of
'i' and 'j' could be slightly smaller (in height)
and higher.
Overall, great job.

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Wow, nice! Reminds me a little bit of Chagrin.
I'd make it much more blackletter though, like a descending "h" and the works.


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I like this. I would agree with Hrant about the descending h, but only as alternates. I am not too sure about making i t "more blackletter". You could, as a suggestion, make a "more blackletter' version as a titling extra, or as an "italic" version. Keep us posted


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will we see capitals?

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wow, i like it a lot

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Super! The diagonal stroke on the z is too light, but then again it isn't. I guess what I'm getting at is that the cross bar there (which balance's the letter's color with the others) looks out of place. It you applied this to some of you other characters (maybe in the uppercase and numbers) it might feel more at home.

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sweet! Any updates on this? This seems like a great in between font for the general public who would probably not like books set in blackletter.

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Cool stuff! I'd like to see the alternate, one-story a in action, though. I've always thought it could do duty as an initial/final form, with the two-story either medial-only or initial-and-medial-only.


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When will this be for sale......

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