For Like Ever on Domino's cover

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Not trying to clutter the forums with type sightings, but I couldn't pass this one up. The cover of Domino Magazine features the apartment of a shoe designer, and check out what's right over her fireplace and essentially front and center on the mag's cover: a Village Type 'For Like Ever' poster. All you TypeCon '05 attendees are now even hipper...or something.

Ah, I see that Village has taken notice, as well.

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Woah, kickin'! Nice find, Chris, thanks for sharing this. :^)

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we village members got this email yesterday from t & c:

Well friends, we find ourselves on the receiving end of a great deal of attention thanks to “Domino” magazine.

For those unfamiliar with Domino, it is a homewares magazine which is quite popular, and has a large and devoted readership. In the September issue of the magazine our launch poster was shown in the apartment of rising star fashion designer Jessie Randall.

As a result of this appearance there has been a veritable flood of orders for the poster. We had to go back on-press twice with the “For Like Ever” graphic in order to satisfy the demand. (While we were at it, we decided to go for super-high production values, and had the poster silkscreened on heavy archival stock.)

So, the month of August was pretty much 90% poster-rolling and mailing tube stuffing, taping, and labeling. We got a postage meter and filled our little apartment with big boxes of mailing tubes.

We thought that you’d be amused and/or interested. And some of you might have wondered why we’ve been so quiet lately. It was because we were up to our eyeballs with posters and mailing tubes.

With best wishes for a great autumn from us,
Tracy & chester

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This is wonderful PR for Village. Good for them. Kudos.

I must say, however, that it strikes me as an odd selling-point to print a poster on archival paper with fugitive fluorescent ink. But, what the heck . . .

-- K.

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Entropy, Kent. Everything goes to hell in the end, one way or another. ;^)

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