"Mario Batali - The Italian Kitchen" simple geometric sans

This is probably one of those that's obvious to everyone ('cept little old me), but could anyone help identify this front for me? At first I thought it was Engraver's Gothic, but closer examination led me to think otherwise. It's slightly jazzier, yes?

Many thanks in advance.


Probably Gill.

Nick Cooke

Hmmm . . . I looked at lots of Gill variants, and in all the cap "R" and "B" look quite a bit different.

Check out some of Gill Sans' descendants, like Bliss or Today Sans.


Gotham isn't too far off, either.


Gotham is close, I think, but there are still differences in the "R" and "B"--which leads me to believe that it's another typeface. But thanks for pointing me to Gotham, which I like in its own right.

P22 London Underground? Check the bold.

Y'all are so great, wow. This is the closest yet, but I don't think an exact match. The "T" in the Mario specimens is wider, as I see it, and the ampersand quite a bit taller. But thanks for pointing me to this font.

Where is an ampersand shown?

Sorry, my fault. There's some more of the type at www.italiankitchen.com.

Granby is close too but the R doesn't match.


I think it's P22 London Underground.

Perhaps ITC Johnston then, as the 'R' in P22 Johnston Underground is more exaggerated.

ITC Johnston by Dave Farey

P22 Johnston Underground by Richard Kegler

Both fonts have some kerning issues on the ATA, btw. P22s is more noticeable but consistent.