Site of Deepdene

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I have wondered for quite a few years if anyone has ever taken the trouble to explore the site of Goudy's mill building at Marlborough (the workshop that burned back in the early 'forties).

It has been noted that all of the heavy equipment and other mertal objects tumbled into the ravine and stream bed that ran behind the mill.

Jim Rimmer

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Sorry . . . "metal"


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Sadly, sank into the stream?!
Try digging the heavy equipment and other mertal objects out of the ravine and stream bed?!
Good Luck!

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I don't know whether anyone has explored the site. Forgive me if this is common knowledge---I found on Google that there is another old mill, Gomez House, that is located on the same creek on which Deepdene was located. Dard Hunter lived at Gomez House from 1912 until sometime around 1919 or 1920. The house is now owned and operated by a non-profit foundation. I'm wondering whether the folks at the Gomez House know anything. Their website is

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Thanks for the tip. I'll ask around.

There is already quite a good number of pieces of Goudy's work that had in the first weeks after the fire geen rescued by FWG's opthamologist. The man was also a hobby printer and was given permission by Goudy to go thrugh the burned-out building to collect whatever he wished from the ashes. He found a number of the cardboard working patterns and some sketches etc, which were scorched, but mostly intact. This collection he later willed to the University of Washington Special Collections. I looked through the work a number of years ago, and was thrilled to see what fine things had been saved.

Thanks again


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