"Shiny Products for Happy People" irregular sans


Have been browsing myfonts.com but without result, so hopefully you folks have an idea which font this is...



I reckon it's a hand drawn one off mate, I could be wrong

hmmm, unless someone created a customized font, it doesn't look like a spontaneous scribbling when i look at the repeating characters.

I reckon they've drawn all the letters that were required and used good ol' cut and paste to make the words IMHO

Hmmmm, which fonts (apart from the 3 that Timd suggested - thanks mate!) would come close to the example posted in the first posting?

I think this looks like a custom font. I checked the Indie Font books, the Fonthead collection, Device fonts, the House General Collection and a few other places where I thought the design might fit, but found no exact matches. Like the ever-popular hand-printed lettering fonts, a font like this would be very easy to create, and since it is used for product branding, the odds that it is custom seem high to me.

Some of the other Holland Fonts, besides Bfrika that Tim mentioned, are also similar to this style, if you would accept 'similar'.

- Mike Yanega