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Following is a list of names and their correct pronunciations (using English orthography).

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Arnold Boecklin: AR-nollt BOKE-lin [ˈaːnolt bøklˈin]
Antique Olive: on-teek uh-LEEV
Cochin: co-SHAN [koˈʃɛ̃ː]
Elena: EL-en-uh
Eurostile: æu-ro-STI-le (true?)
Fenice: fe-NEE-chay
Fette Fraktur: FET-uh FROK-tour
Forza: fort-zah
Futura: foo-TOOR-ah
Helvetica Neue: Helvetica noy-a
Klavika: KLA-vi-kuh
Neutraface: NOY-trah FACE
Officina: OFF-eh-CHEE-nah
Seravek: SEER-uh-vek
Univers: oo’-nih-VAIR
Verlag: fair-log
Vitesse: vih-TESS (or v-TESS)


Benguiat, Ed: BEN-gat
Carnase, Tom: car-NAY-zee
Frere-Jones, Tobias: FRARE-JONES.
Hoefler, Jonathan: HEFF-lur
Licko, Zuzana: litch-co
Lubalin, Herb: loo-BAL-in
Zapf, Hermann: HARE-mon TZOPF
Tschichold, Jan: yonn CHICK-old
Veljovic, Jovica: yo-VEET-sa VELL-yoh-vitch’

Typefaces named after typographers:

Didot: dee-doh
Fournier: FOORN-yay
Sabon: sah-BO(nh)
Peignot: pay-NYOH

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