For critique: sample pages of modified ITC Mendoza

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Dear Typophiles,

Here are three pages from my thesis showing my modified version of ITC Mendoza in action, esp. the small caps that Randy discussed with me earlier. I should've posted something like this right away.

I agree that the small caps look too heavy and too small, esp. when used as on p. 155.

EDIT: But I still think that beefing up the serifs, esp. the top serifs (and also the horizontal stem of e.g. T) was an improvement. The original ones look too anemic to me. The small caps of slab-serif faces seem to be a little problematic, though.

BTW, do you think the italics (EDIT: i.e. the ordinary lowercase italics) are too heavy? Their weight I haven't changed, compared to the ITC original.

Feel free to comment on anything on these pages, including the setting!

Note that since setting the thesis, I have changed the fi and fl ligatures (making them wider, among other things) and reduced the sidebearings (esp. the right one) of the numeral 4. The specimen that I posted earlier (see the link above) shows the corrected versions, but I was too lazy to reset the pages I'm posting now.


OM_thesis_p116.pdf90.99 KB
OM_thesis_p155.pdf67.92 KB
OM_thesis_p480.pdf96.19 KB
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Come on, people! Is it that bad, or boring? Please say what you think.

The PDFs are a bit awkward to download and view, of course, but I knew of no other way to show a mass of text in a high enough resolution.


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I hardly have the experience to speak for everyone, though the passages of body text are useful for some types of examination, it is also helpful to have simple character set specimens to compare the letters with others in its own font, and with the unaltered ITC Mendoza.

Inserting a small sample as a visible image would help a bit to attract attention (speaking from the marketing side of my ass).

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The first link in my original post (or this one) will take you to an earlier thread where I posted a PDF listing the original and the modified glyphs; you should ideally look at it before these whole-page specimens (sorry I didn't make this clear enough at the outset).

I should've done this whole thing in a more user-friendly way, I admit. (I may return to that later.)

But if anyone is interested at looking the whole-page specimens here, it is primarily the punctuation and other unalphabetics as well as the smalls caps that I have changed, relative to the ITC original.

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