Hamsa Typeface. { transitional serif display face }

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Hey guys,
Here is something I've been working on. This is my first sketch and I could use any help.

I wanted to create an elegant face based on the very curvy physique of swans. For inspiration, I am refering to Baskerville and the occasional Bodoni.

LINK (its in flash so you can zoom in)


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Almost all of the letters looked like they had been cut off right at their baseline and x-height. Is that your intention? That could also be due to low resolution. Care to give us a PDF of higher resolution?

Also, the s look rather imbalanced and the stroke on the upper part of f need to be thinned -- like Rotis' c, it is in danger of falling over, albeit much less so. But I dig the g :)

Any possibility of using the face at text size? It looked robust enough to me.

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yea I thinks its the quality. I just uploaded a PDF with the fixes.

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Great font!

It definitely has a lot of curvy enegry to it. I am a beginner, so take my comments with a grain of salt.

The upper curve of the 'a' may be a bit too heavy shouldered. The 'g' has a lot of character. Its lower ear may be a bit too heavy and its upper right section looks a bit too rectangular. What about starting the curve of the 'f'-hook a bit lower in its stem. Now it seems a bit abrupt.

Hope this makes sense.


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Hey thanks Pixion. Yea makes sense. That "s" has always been a pain in the *** for me.

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