Raffia Initials

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There was some discussion here a while back about the Raffia Initials. I can't locate the original thread. But there was a fellow looking for a specimen. If he could contact me off list I have since located a printed specimen of the complete character set printed at 72-pt. These are reproductions from letterpress printed sheets so there is some outline disturbance. I will scan these in the next several days.


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Peter Enneson has an interest in the Raffia Initials, and has written quite extensively on them and presented a talk on the subject at ATypI 2003 in Vancouver. I've alerted him to this thread, but I think what he is seeking is specimens of them in use, rather than a type specimen, which I'm sure he has.

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Thanks John.

Gerald, I'm after type specimens, and specimens in use. The old link was here.

I'll contact you off-line. Thanks

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I hope contacts remain on-line to benefit All Typophilers and our Guests as well. So, where can I get Raffia Numbers (if not mistaken) but with more condensed lines and without skirmishes?
Thanks with Flowers

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From Aziz: "with more condensed lines and without skirmishes"

Do you mean thinner strokes and no flourishes?

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That's right: Thinner strokes and no flourishes.

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Doesn't exist.

Rights to the typeface are owned by Linotype, but nothing digital has been released. VGC released poor quality typositor strips, but prior to that it was only electrotype, hence metal. Master drawings (Henk Krijger) are in the University of Amsterdam special collections.

By the way, if anyone can connect me with someone owning a strip (or metal sorts for that matter, I'd be grateful.

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Numerals [0 to 9] do exist however.

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First, the attached images do not show up my explorer?!
2 Any alternative, for example, diagonal or across strokes instead of the along ones. A Pointer just to Numerals [0 to 9] is highly appreciated. with Flowers

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