Typographic Fast Type Slow Type Revs

Vincent Connare - Ducati Monster S2R

Joe Pemberton - Ducati Multistrada 620

Clive Bruton - Honda Pan European

Jean Francois Porchez - Lambretta old school


City boys get around faster!

and so do little guys!

Come on boys and girls what 2 wheels typo are riding?

No cars! or Buses! or trains! They are slow not Fast type!

Ducati Multistrada: 53 MPG
Honda Civic Hybrid: 42 MPG

Did you finally get the Monster? Did you trade in your Vespa?

You can add Rich Roat (House Ind) who also rides a Ducati Multistrada (Silver). And there's veryscary (from Veer). What other lurking Typophiles get around on two wheels?

Here's my bike on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joepemberton/tags/multistrada/

Vespa sold, Yamaha sold. Monster yes, that's a picture of my Monster.

my moto history:

I used to have a Yamaha Fazer (V-Max's little brother)
in college. It got stolen. I had a Peugeot scooter then a
Honda-80 back in Beirut. The latter got stolen. Twice.


OK guys, here is my speed burner:


cool two wheel naked streetfighter, what are those red things? the emergency engine stopper or turn indications?

'85 BMW R65

This is the photo of it as it was unloaded off the truck onto my driveway, it has since undergone complete disassembly and overhaul with new black paint job. No pics on my laptop though.

Here's mine

And it's fast ;-)

"what are those red things? the emergency engine stopper or turn indications?"

Those are the hyperspeed thrusters dude! "We need morrre powerrr Captain!"


Yours looks wicked Milli!


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