(x) Drytransfer "Bureau voor Sociotechniek" serif face - Belwe {Stephen}

I've been searching for this font for quite some time now, but i can't find it.

It's a font used on a letterhead, which is designed in the late 80's,
though i think it's done with a Drytransfer it could also be a custom job.

The second image seems to be the same font only distorted.

Does anyone have an idea?


It's Belwe. Funny how it seems to be seeing a resurgence of late. Such a curious old fart.


I recently moved to Bosnia-Herzegovina where this curious old fart (i agree), along with ITC Benguiat, Hobo and Revue, is surprisingly popular for undesigned stuff, expecially shopfront signs.

Let's see photos!

I like your web page, Manilo.

Thanks Guys for the superfast replies.

My gratitude is great!

...double post...

Right, that does it. I must photograph two shopfronts 5 minutes walk from my house.

The Rising Sun sushi bar (Benguiat) directly opposite Hair & Nails Beauty Salon (Benguiat Gothic)

I mentioned it to my wife on Sunday morning (again!) when we walked up the road. She told me not to tell anyone as it was rather sad.

This from someone who works maintaining ATMs, and can't watch an actor on TV withdraw cash without excited cries of "Ooh, that's a Diebold!" ;)


> Let’s see photos!

I already tought about it, so i hope to have enough time to do it during next weekend

> I like your web page, Manlio.

Thank you! Permanently under construction... :(

As another data point, I noticed bold weights of Belwe on signs and posters all around Southern Italy and Sicily a couple of years ago. Benguiat, Hobo and Revue were also common. Sounds like there is a widely used font package that has these in it.

- Mike Yanega

"Such a curious old fart"

I resemble that remark!