Old Scandinavian Airlines font


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Scandinavian Airlines used this logo or font from 1947 to about 1999.

Based on the date of the logo use I’d agree with Mark, I bet its hand drawn. Having said that Mike is doing a bang-up job of giving you a way to come close to that look. I think its just good policy to try to get a time frame from the samples posted.

I don’t think this is a logo, because I’ve seen others who have used it, as; Scanair, Tromsbuss (a local bus company), and I’ve also seen a guy who I’m sure had a font, because he had almost all the letters and numbers which he had used with some screenshots from a flight simulator.


(Sorry for the bad english, I’m 12, and from Norway :-))

It is likely that SAS Scandinavian Airlines also owns Tromsbuss and Scanair, it’s a common practice for large airlines. They also own the Radisson SAS hotels.

SAS owns Scanair, but not Tromsbuss.

Here’s Tromsbuss’ logo.

If my Norwegian isn’t failing me, according to the Tromsbuss site, Tromsbuss and SAS are contemporaries (Tromsbuss having started activities in 1946). Maybe (wild guess) they had their logo done in a fashion to emulate the SAS look and imply an association between both companies?

if you live in Sweden.. then you should try and get hold of CAP&DESIGN issue #6 from August 2001.

They cover the whole design/redesigns of the SAS logotype.

originally it was Rune Mon

I’ve emailed the marketing people at Tromsbuss, let’s see if they can shed some light on the matter.

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For what it’s worth, I don’t think that is (or was ever) a font. I think it was a custom-drawn logo. You may be able to approximate it with an off-the-shelf font, but slanting anything that much is bound to introduce a lot of unsightly distortion.

Stian, could you put a range (date) of when it was used? This could confirm what Mark has written.

Call this a bit of serendipity, but I just opened my copy of Jaspert’s Encyclopaedia to the ‘Lineales’ and what was there but Paris & Paris Bold (p.318)?

With some slight fudging, that could easily replicate this logo, I’d say, or at least be good enough to make you stare at them side by side to tell them apart.

I can try to play with a manipulation of a scan, but I only have Paris Flash on my computer. Maybe I’ll try to play with that to make a solid version of those letters. DO you just want to see a scan of those two fonts?

Funny: I had noticed the Paris Flash similarity straight
away, but I really didn’t know there existed other (closed)
weights of that typeface.

Whatabout messing with some Bureau Roxy?