!The Black Bloc: Blackletter Inspired Modern Serif

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Here's a preview of a nearly completed font, !The Black Bloc. My attempt is to fuse the distinct look of a gothic script with a more contemporary style. I think this font looks far better in flowing text than as individual letters, which is nice!

Any thoughts on line spacing, kerning (looser?) or anything else of note? Any tricks to getting it to look better on screen under 13 points?

My favorite letters are the e, W, x and M, my least favorite are the V, I and the T. Yours?

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Hi Choz,

In my opinion, the 'x' is difficult to read, it looks like a mirror image of a 'z'. Maybe if you move the connection point of the 'side branches' a bit more the center it becomes more of an obvious x.

Also, the 'N' is confusing with the 'A' and the 'U' and 'V' are close as well.

I think for a decorative fonts like this, it will be a challenge to go for on-screen readability at low point size. Did you try to see what happens?

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While Typophile was down, I have released the font @ exclamachine.com, though I wasn't going to publicize it til tomorrow. I had done exactly as you described to the 'x'!

Originally I had the 'U' and the 'V' mapped to the same glyph; that was even closer. ;) I hadn't noticed the 'N' problem until you mentioned it, thats why others' eyes are so good. It doesn't look particularly like the 'A', but quite like what someone might expect the 'A' to look like.

As far as screen readability, I struggle with that with all fonts, but the smooth flow of the lowercase helps with that a great deal. And I took more time than usual, to try and get it to scale better.

Thanks for the feedback, very much. I plan to go back and add text figures soon; I think I will also redraw the 'N' if I can get a good image in my mind, before publicizing the font.

Choz Cunningham
!Exclamachine Type Foundry

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