(x) Print Magazine serif face - Lexicon No. 2 {Yves}

Do you know which fonts are used for the magazine "print"

Sorry i have no scan.


See here: http://typophile.com/node/15813

Looks like custom.

Oh sorry i mean the serif font, not the headline font. Is this font also custom?

I think its, Dolly by Underware, perhaps with a custom medium weight thrown in. Dolly just has regular and bold weights.

No Print uses ... ah! I'm suddenly pulling a blank! I know the rounded face is custom from Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

Nope, not Dolly. Just found the issue that was in the TypeCon goodie bag. Gimme a minnit.

Bram de Does' Lexicon No. 2 Roman A. A tad pricey, but very beautiful.

Oh nice. Thanks a lot.

But you are right. Very expensive. But i think Dolly is a good alternative.

Bram De Does’ Lexicon No. 2 Roman A.

Rats, foiled! :) I just made that discovery last night while flipping through Print.

Hehehe. Gotta be fast around here. ;^)