(x) Chicago script - Dream Lover {Ignacio}

Any ideas on the script used on this design. Sorry it's a bit small, only reference I can find, it's also used on the posters for Chicago on the underground system in London.



This is contemporary, right? Made to look vintage?

Yes, that's what they've done, and very well.

I have hunted through my Script Guide and several of the books I have and I can't find this script (not even among photo-lettering scripts). It seems closest to House Script from the Sign Painter package.

You might expect it to be in some of the Bluemlein Scripts that Alejandro Paul has been reviving for Veer, but it's not any that I have collected, as far as I can tell.

- Mike Yanega

Yeah I did look on Veer as I know they have a large number of scripts. It is truly stunning when you see it up large. The design was created by a company called SpotCo in NYC guess I could email them, probably had it commissioned.

Thanks for your help


Yes, Yves.

TypeArt Dream Lover.

That is a "top spot"....very much impressed and appreciated....many thanks.


De nada Rob.

I appreciate finding out about that site. There are some fonts there for a number of my Guides. I wonder if they would be willing to make some samples...

Thanks for pointing the way Ignacio.

- Mike Yanega