Help! InDesign/FF Bau problems

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ARRRRRGH! (and I say that not because of NTLAPD...)

I am working on a book in InDesign CS (which needs to go to the printer today, natch), and FF Bau regular is acting up.

It keeps substituting individual characters from the expert set, or from another typeface, willy-nilly.

As you can see, the last two lines are gibberish.

If I change typefaces, or even weights of Bau, and then switch back to regular, it fixes itself.
Until the next time I open it, of course, when it reverts to its old messed-up self.

Now for some reason the last two lines are ok, but the date after Derrick's name has gone screwy.

Any suggestions?

I've trashed my InD preferences, I've cleaned my font caches, I've installed new versions of Bau direct from FontShop (thanks, Ivan!), but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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I hate to say it but try reinstalling your system maybe its corrupted. Also disable any plugins for InDesign, but I bet its a system problem.'s picture

If you're in a hurry, and it's going to be printed today, convert those lines to outlines. Probably you should to that for the entire book, and not take chances with the RIP. Sure nothing definitive.

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Try saving the file under another name and opening it on another computer with the font installed. At least try resaving it under another name

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(Just a sanity check)
Are the screenshots from InDesign or from a PDF generated by InDesign?

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What was the result?

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Things you can try:

1. Export to InDesign Exchange format. Reopen.
2. Disable Auto-activation (if applicable). Disable ALL fonts. Put just the fonts you need in InDesign's font-folder. Log out, log in.
3. Create a new user. Try working in the new user account.

(I surmise you are on OS X)

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convert to curves.

i've had this problem with conflicts between helvetica families a dozen times in IDCS2. just forget trying to fix it, and convert to curves.


jlt : : rnrmf!

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