Alan Fletcher passed away

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Alan Fletcher, founding partner of London design agency Pentagram and general graphic design guru passed away last night in London after illness.
Alan Fletcher inspired many designers with his work and his lectures. His book 'The art of looking sideways' describes his philosophy of good design.

I have had the great fortune of working with him on a project. His clear and direct thoughts on the state of design will be greatly missed.

Bruno Maag
Dalton Maag Ltd

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One of my old professors, Bob Gill, founded Pentagram with him. I learned a lot from him, as I'm sure you learned from Alan. Those guys are legends. The great thing about design is that his work will continue to live on...

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That's horrible. One of my favorite designers of all time. Last week I thought about writing him to let him know about how inspiring his books are. But now he'll never know. What has he been doing these past couple years? Sadly I never got to experience anything of his, besides what was in the books. "Beware Wet Paint", "100 Maverick postcards" and "The art of looking sideways"- all goldmines of inspiration and ingenuity. Truly a sad moment for graphic design.

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Its always sad to hear news like this. I have not had the fortune of working with him but he was such a huge inspiration for me at university and still continues to be. I think whatever industry you are in you become closer to the people who share the same experiences. It may not be a physical friendship but it is a nice thought to know that you can understand a little of what they have been through to get where they are today. it is an emotional connection that I think we can all understand a little.

As biddy says, his work will continue to live on through his works, books and personal stories that people have shared with him.


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A giant of design, a titan of problem solving. His legacy is his biggest gift.

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.”
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