!The Black Bloc, !MISQOT release

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!The Black Bloc, !MISQOT release

!Exclamachine Type Foundry has released two new OpenType fonts for mass consumption; !The Black Bloc and !MISQOT. Both typefaces are free for personal or commercial use. Both fonts are previewable and downloadable over at http://www.exclamachine.com

The blackletter-inspired modern serifed titling font "!The Black Bloc" features over 200 glyphs, including full european support and plenty of symbols. Available in a single download with regular, bold, italic and bold italic.


!MISQOT", A tangled, chunky decorative font with a 'slivered' look is also now available. This font features a full standard character set and extra symbols as well as a small accented character set. Available in regular, demibold and heavy styles.