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I was checking the new releases on myfonts yesterday and found Camingo. Any thoughts on this? Has anyone used it? I bought ITC Tabula a while back and have been disappointed (I should have bought Section from Village). But this has a similar geometric structure that I am drawn to, but is more subtle. Considering this was designed by a student of Lucas de Groot I am a bit more confident that it will be a well-made typeface. Just wondering what your thoughts are.

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Gawd it looks just like every other squarish sans out there right now.

I own Klavika which suffices for my square sans needs.

However, it looks like a fairly complete family.

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This is much more subtle than Klavika (which I like too), which is one of the reasons I think I like it so much. I think I may get more mileage out of Camingo. Has anyone used it yet? For kicks here is a comparison of some recent square sans designs (off the top of my head)...

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Don't forget Apex Sans, Neo Sans.

I hate that 'a' in Vista, ruins the font for me. Why does Emigre always do that?

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Gee you forgot Zwo, Unit, Meta, Info, Fago, Zine, and Cachet.

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Good ones Patty. I have Neo. There are a lot of Emigre faces that have a single character that I can't stand. Ruins it for me as well.

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I agree that Unit, Fago and Zine are similar. Cachet isn't feasible for me, since it has only 3 weights, no italics, etc. Which reminds me of Zemestro - another one. Are there any thoughts in regards to the craftsmanship of this typeface?

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If nothing else, this thread will serve as a good reference the next time someone needs a square sans ID'd.

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> I hate that ‘a’ in Vista, ruins the font for me. Why does Emigre always do that?

to create something that doesn't look absolutely like everything else?

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Camingo has a lot of nasty little attention getters that bug me. For example:
- There's too much flourish in the descender of f. I love f with a pretty descender–I make my handwritten f descenders so crazy that my notes are often illegible. But it doesn't fit with the rest of the letters.
- The A is gross–the internal and external apexes are too close–it's annoying. It's worse on the bold weights, where it looks like a little white triangle fighting for freedom.
- Why are the outer vertical strokes of the M diagonals? It's like the M from Lithos snuck in when nobody was watching.

I could stay up all night nitpicking at the letterforms in this one. I'll just keep using Unit instead.

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I really like Foundry Form.

I wish Freda would improve her website, it desperately needs better type samples, and perhaps a test drive thing.

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JPAD, thanks for your comments, I'll look at those items more closely. I hate licensing a typeface without examining it closely first, those things jump out at you later. Miles, I love Foundry Form too. It would be nice if they had a more user-friendly site. Their type is so nice, the site should be equally well-done.

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Then there's Argo and Vesta by Gerard Unger....

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Why does Emigre always do that?

Emigre didn't do it. Xavier Dupre did. Maybe you're thinking of Tarzana, which has a similar ostentatious tail on the 'a', but Vista is a much more usable typeface in the same vein.

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Wouldn't Stainless belong in this category?

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I was just about to suggest Stainless.

Miss Tiffany beat me to it... by about 9 months :)

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Any updates we can add to this now? What about Soho Gothic?

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Allumi PTF, Etelka, Morgan Sans, Ubik, and of course PF Square Sans...

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I created a list of square sans fonts at FontShop based on my own notes and suggestions from this thread.

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Yay! Thanks.

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The genre of sophisticated square sans faces, where squareness is integrated into a conventional sans effect by subtle drawing, has come on strong since I investigated square types in a magazine article, Hip 2B Square, 10 years ago

Dave Farey's Cachet was one of the first of this new breed, IIRC, and may even have been released when I wrote the article, but I didn't anticipate the way things would develop enough to mention it. In fact according to Dave, squareness wasn't the main theme of Cachet.

A lot of ideas that were raw ten or 15 years ago have been cooked up nicely.

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Yyyup, it almost always takes a while...


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Cachet is still one of my favorites in the bunch. Way ahead of its time. I keep crying to Dave for italics.

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I had never heard of Cachet - very nice. I love square sans :-)

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You can see also "Chaco" at

Eduardo Tunni

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Hermes ! :)

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Great thread! And thank you Stephen for the FontShop list, very helpfull. Any suggestions on new 2010/2011 square sans fonts?

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