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Brush Script - Utz Kettle Cooked

I saw this at my local 7-Eleven and couldn't place it. I'm trying to ID the "Gourmet Medley" and "Kettle Cooked" type. (Apologies for the teensy image.)


Look at San Remo Casual from Spiece Graphics. It seems to match, but I can't see your sample that clearly to be sure.

- Mike Yanega

That's not quite it. Vitrina is close, but not quite either. I may just have to go buy a bag and scan it...

(from Novel Fonts, not Monotype)

I think Ben's right about Spoleto. In my notes I have written that it's the same as Opti Sport Script. The Novel Fonts seem to have virtually disappeared, but I think the Opti fonts can still be purchased. If you could use a few words set in it, I have the Spoleto font, or I could make a sample of all the letters, if that would be helpful.

- Mike Yanega

If this is any help to confirm the ID here is the new Script Guide sample for Spoleto. (For some reason I never made one -- I think because I didn't know its 'real' name.)

- Mike Yanega

That certainly looks like it, although the one on the package seemed a little more refined. Hmmm.

I did do a search for Opti Sport Script and found this, which seems to back up Ben's call...

I think that "OPTISport-Script" is the proper font file name, and I believe it was part of one of the packages that Opti used to sell, perhaps before Castcraft took them over. For all I know it may still be included in font collections they offer. I know there are people who have these fonts, but the Castcraft folks have been generally hard to reach, and prices seem quite steep for unoriginal work.

The thread you linked mentions some fair alternatives too.

- Mike Yanega

For what it's worth, Spoleto and Opti Sport-Script are identical in shape but they are not identical digitizations. I have both fonts and just examined them in Fontographer. The Opti font has a 1991-2 copyright from Castcraft, and Spoleto has a 1994 NovelFonts copyright. I know this information is easily changed, so proves nothing. Just as an example I copied the outline of the W from one and overlayed it on the other font's W. The outline points were different in number, and the outlines were slightly off from each other, but so marginally that I would never have been able to tell without such a detailed look.

It is easy to presume that these could be two independent digitizations taken from the same source (perhaps a film type), however, it's possible that Spoleto was copied and slightly modified from Sport-Script, if you believe the Castcraft copyright date. It's probably all academic, since neither is easily obtained any more.

It comes to how much you need to use this exact typeface. If you say the letters on the package look better, then someone apparently realized the exisiting fonts are based on a flawed hand-drawn film type (the 's' looks too light for the other letters, for example) and modified it to fix some of the imperfections.

Having said all that, I just saw a new font called Machiarge from a small Japanese foundry called Flat-it. It seems quite similar in feeling, but much more nicely drawn.

- Mike Yanega


Thanks for all your effort on this. I looks like Opti Sport Script is the culprit. I did buy a bag to get a closer look—you know, for the sake of research. Delicious, delicious research...

Thanks, Eric and Mike. I wasn't familiar with this beauty. The caps in particular are much better than the fonts I mentioned.

Eric's work is very nice, btw.

*Blush* Gee, thanks Stephen. If I'd known people were looking, I'd have stuff that's newer than five years old on there...

Yes, I second Stephen's comment. I notice your Bert Wood work uses Mark Simonson's 'Coquette'. It's like 'Six Degrees' Typophile-style :)

- Mike Yanega

‘Six Degrees’, indeed: The Bert Wood piece was never produced, but I used Coquette for my wedding invitations and gave one to Mr. Simonson at last year's TypeCon. I think he thought I was a stalker: http://marksimonson.com/article/134/coquette

Not at all. I always like getting samples of my fonts in use. Even better in person.

Philippe from the MyFonts forum - who really knows these things - has said that this typeface (it pops up several times per year over there) was originally called Athletic Script. The current home for the old Brendel fonts, Quick Brown Fox, offers their version as Aktuelle.