Hurt Majesty

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This is my latest idea for a font. Not exactly finished yet :)
I hate the "e" the most at the moment.

Comments welcome.


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You have quite a fun, jaunty sort of hybrid serif/ballpoint script font there. I see what you mean about the "e". Curving the horizontal bar to form the letter into a graceful spiral is my first guess at a solution, but that might divorce it further from the design of the rest of the letters. Adding a ball terminal to either end of the stroke might resolve that.

The hook of your "t" interferes with the "m". You could try having that dip a bit below the baseline to allow some space in those close kerning situations, but then you might see problems in the "ty" combo if you take it too far.

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Thankyou for the comments. I am working on that “e”. For the “t+m” its just for fun, so I couldn't really imagine that being a real ligature.

Perhaps I could upload a PDF file for better viewing next time?

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yes, please do post a PDF.

The image you ploaded does not compress well in the PNG format. You would have managed a much smaller file size with JPG, but with a sacrifice of quality. It's not as big a concern as it used to be, but there are still people out there with modems for whom file size is a factor in enjoyably viewing images on the web.

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This is true Jason. PDF attached :)

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